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We have designed this site as an information hub for people looking to find the best installers in their areas and looking to access the best information. we know that making a solar investment is a difficult decision since it involves a price and a process to complete regarding one’s residence or business, which might cause a disruption to the normal activities. For this reason, finding the best solar installer is very important.

We are different from other local directory sites such as Yelp or Yellowpages because we give you more information on solar panels and we provide you more in-depth information about one company. This company has the opportunity to present itself, its brand and experience in a more visual and detailed manner, rather than being listed as one of the many in a directory of everything. If you are a local solar panel and installation company, contact us to be able to present your company. You will instantly rise to the first page of Google on many of our local pages and have access to all customers searching for solar panels in your area. We have started with around 130 local city pages and will be expanding over time.

Two men installing solar panels on rooftop

Largest Solar Cities

Solar energy is one of the best clean energy options. Its variation is less than some other clean energy types such as wind energy and it is easily installed on home rooftops or company premises. Best of all, government incentives and renewable energy certificates make this investment high in terms of ROI, namely Return on Investment. However, firstly you need sunlight to be able to benefit from solar energy. The stronger, more abundant the sun is, the more energy you can harness from the sun, which will increase your return on investment in solar panels. Californian cities are the best in terms of sunlight and suitability for solar installations. However, there are also other cities that are high in terms of solar panel installations. Let’s look at these cities first.

Environment Massachusetts Research and Political Center did a study on the cities at the forefront of solar energy revolution and determined the top 20 cities in the USA, benefiting from the solar energy. Ranking is determined by the cumulative solar PV installed.

Top Solar Cities 2014 by PV installation

Top 3 cities in terms of total cumulative PV installed are Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. Obviously population plays a part in this ranking. When it comes to per capita solar panel installation, which removes the population impact, Honolulu, Indianapolis and San Jose are the top 3. So solar panel penetration is highest in Honolulu, which is not surprising due to he amount of sunlight and its island status – resulting in limited or more expensive traditional energy sources.