Solar Panels Houston

Finding the right solar company in Houston and working with the best solar installers are the most important decisions when buying solar panels. We will first go through some tips when buying and installing solar panels. Then we will explain types of solar panels to give you more background information about solar energy and panels. But you will need to go through the solar assessment with your solar panel installation company to decide on the best solar type for you needs.

Solar Panel Buying Guide in Houston

Wipe out your electricity bills and receive tax concessions from government authorities by installing a solar panel for your home rooftop or office premises. Remember certain important things while deciding to purchase a solar panel in Houston.

Assess your power requirements for all appliances used in the premises. The capacity of the solar panel to be purchased should be slightly above this requirement. Do not increase excess capacity in solar panel because it will make the system costlier. Further, calculate if purchase shall be able to recover all investment in 10 to 15 years, the effective life of a solar panel. Also purchase only those solar panels which have least negative tolerance rating for the capacity. PTC rating of solar panel should be as high as possible.

Always avoid high pressure sales techniques because pressured decisions sometimes become less advantageous in the future. So avoid such salesmen and their traps and keep calm in deciding the various available alternatives got as quotation offers. Quotes may be taken from a number of Houston solar installers but evaluation should be on merit rather than on cost. Take the recommendations of friends, relatives and neighbors who are using solar panels for producing electricity. They may alert you regarding problems experienced in certain brands or models, so as to avoid it.

Solar panel manufacturers who are in business for a long time should be preferred because if a manufacturer is reputed, the warranty period shall not be less than 25 years for the panel.

Be clear on price front. Reputed brands will never cut quality standards for reducing price but unknown brands may offer you solar panel at cheaper costs by cutting certain important and necessary features. So insist upon quality equipment and good operative installation.

The solar panel must be tested by an independent authority recognized by the government to avail tax concessions. In this way, you also get satisfied that the panel has all the features as advertised by the brand. This is why an honest brand should be a choice. An analysis of panel size versus output is a must.

Choose between highly efficient mono crystalline solar panels and poly crystalline solar panels. For limited roof space, mono crystalline solar panels which are very efficient but costlier are best to purchase. In case of availability of plenty of roof space, you may opt for polycrystalline solar panels, which are cheap as compared to mono types. Choose panel which gives maximum output.

Solar panel installation on roof ground or as tracking system must be certified for mountings and brackets for cyclone, earthquake or other natural disasters. Mounting system needs proper care and must be got covered in warranty. Solar power inverter efficiency needs proper consideration while purchasing the solar panel. This inverter converts the produced DC electricity into AC electricity which is used in modern days. More efficient is the inverter, lesser produced electricity is consumed as waste in heating process during the conversion. Generic type brands must be discarded.